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Trainings & Workshops

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We are working on our 2014 Training schedule which will consists of webinars and workshops.  These  free workshops are for parents, professionals.  They provide information, resources and hands-on activities to assist participants in developing new skills and increasing their knowledge of the child's educational rights.  Our goal is to help parents learn how to advocate for their own child. All are welcome to attend. If you would like us to present a workshop to your school or group give Judy a call to discuss our offerings.

Our Fall workshops were 

1. Building a Relationship with Your School District- A Work in Progress is. This training focusesd on how to build a positive relationship with your school district.  It explained where to begin and how to communicate better. Participants learned the tools you need to make this relationship successful.

2. How Do You Know Your Child Is Making Progress?  Is Your IEP Working?  This workshop helped participants understand how important a strong IEP is in assisting the child in making progress. They learned how to create strong goals and objectives-the heart of the IEP.

3. Do You Understand Your Child's Rights? This workshop explained  the child's special education rights.  Participants learned how navigate the special education path and how to be stronger advocates for their child.

One parent who attended our trainings wrote on the evaluation "It was very empowering. Thank you for the great service you provide to us overwhelmed parents.  It is very appreciated!!”

Another wrote, “Thank you for helping me. Because of your efforts I am stronger and know my rights."