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Guides published by the Parent Information Center on Special Education. These are provided in Adobe Acrobat Documents (also known as "PDFs"). You can download a free copy of the latest Adobe Reader at the Adobe website.

Guide Description
Overview of the Early Childhood Transition Process

An Overview of the Early Childhood Transition Process. For more in-depth information contact: The Parent Information Center on Special Education ~ ~ (603) 224-7005 or (800) 947-7005 or email

Dictionary of Common Special Education Terms and Acronyms

Association for Special Children and Families is pleased to offer a Dictionary of Common Special Education Terms and Acronyms.  This is an 11 page document was developed by Parent Center of New Hampshire, and can be used as a reference document for understanding numerous terms and accronyms in the Special Education arena. A subset of these terms are presented in our glossary.

Family Guide to the Special Education Process

This booklet provides a brief overview of the NH special education process. By gaining knowledge and skills you will be able to participate more effectively in meetings and make better informed decisions for your child. This guide includes questions you can ask your child’s school about special education. At the end of this booklet, there is a listing of resources where you can find more information.

Steps in the Special Education Process

The special education process can be complicated and may seem overwhelming to parents. This is especially true when a parent has just learned that their child may have a disability. The Parent Information Center on Special Education has developed this booklet so that parents of children with disabilities, young adults with disabilities and educators can be better informed about the special education process, and the steps to ensure that children with disabilities receive a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) in the least restrictive environment (LRE).


The Developing and IEP for Achievement Guide, provides a two page summary of tips and process information for creating an IEP for your child.